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PSA Nitrogen Generator
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JIAYU been committed to the cause of PSA Nitrogen Generator R&D and manufacturing. Our products are widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, cement, machinery, eletronics, pharmaceutical, food and environmental protection industries.

Pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator (abbreviated as PSA nitrogen generator), using (PSA) special molecular sieve as adsorbent, equipment for nitrogen production based on pressure swing adsorption principle.

JY/CMS Series PSA nitrogen generator, unique (carbon molecular sieve) compression technology, the cylinder used by our company consists of cylinder barrel, piston, transmission rod, guide rod and alarm device, etc. It has the following advantages:

1. The compaction force F=PS is related to the adsorption pressure and the piston area of ??the cylinder. It has nothing to do with other factors. In the pressure swing adsorption process, the adsorption pressure is fixed, and the piston area is fixed after the manufacture is completed, so the cylinder is pressed tightly. The pressing force does not change with the stroke.

2. The stroke of the cylinder can be measured or sensed outside, and the alarm point can be set in advance.

3. The gas required by the cylinder is taken directly from the adsorption tower and can be synchronized with the adsorption tower at any time.

PSA Nitrogen Generator Working Principle

The raw material compressed air through the air pretreatment device to remove dust, oil and other solid impurities and water, through the air diffusion distributor into the dry molecular sieve and oxygen separation of molecular sieve adsorption tower, the depth of drying after the oxygen and nitrogen separation from the top of the adsorption tower. The gas is nitrogen with high purity. This process is completed by the two adsorption towers crossed, one work, one regeneration, and continuous preparation of nitrogen. This part of the nitrogen gas after high efficiency nitrogen dust collector into the nitrogen receive tank. Here, regeneration means, the adsorption tower gas will be discharged to the atmosphere and the pressure quickly reduced to atmospheric pressure, while the molecular sieve adsorption of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other release from the molecular sieve process.

1. tower A gas inlet valve

2. tower B gas inlet valve

3. tower A gas outlet empty valve

4. tower B gas outlet empty valve

5. tower A gas outlet valve

6. tower B gas outlet valve

7. N2 gas exhaust valve

8. air inlet valve

9. gas outlet silencer

Flow process

after air pretreatment, clean compressed air through the 1# valve to the 8# valve into the A tower, after the A tower of the molecular sieve adsorption, through the 5# valve the 7# valve out of nitrogen, meanwhile the 4# valve open, B tower for regeneration. When the B tower regeneration is completed, switch to B tower adsorption, while A tower regeneration, followed by recycling.

System flowchart:

JY/CMS Series PSA Nitrogen Generator Function Configuration

General configuration features

1, nitrogen purity, pressure, flow on-line monitoring

2, man-machine operating system

3, failed nitrogen automatic emptying device

4, molecular sieve automatic compaction

5, pneumatic valve switch automatically by the programmable controller

6, Refrigerated Air Dryer, filter automatic sewage

Optional configuration features

● Remote control / fully automatic (special)

● Load adaptation

Product Range

Nitrogen volume: 1-3000Nm3/h

Nitrogen purity: 97-99.9995%

Nitrogen dew point: ≤ -40°C

Nitrogen pressure: 0.15-1.0Mpa

Equipment composition

The PSA nitrogen generator equipment consists of gas source purification system, gas tank, nitrogen generator and a nitrogen process tank.

1. Air purification: The conventional configuration is composed of a refrigerated dryer and a four-stage filter. The main purpose is to reduce the temperature of compressed air, remove impurities such as oil and dust, and dry moisture. For users with a higher nitrogen dew point (greater than -40°C), the dryer can be combined with a dryer (dew point -60°C to -70°C).

(General configuration)

2. Air process tanks: Pressure gauges, drain valves and safety valves are mainly used to reduce the air flow pulse and ensure the smooth operation of the air flow.

3, nitrogen master: from the adsorption tower, control cabinets, cylinders, valves and pipelines. Among them, our molecular sieves are selected from molecular sieve molecular sieves and 13X molecular sieve desiccants.

Pneumatic valves use the BURKERT 2000 Series piston angle seat valves. (This valve can operate more than 2 million times without failure)

4, nitrogen process tank: to balance the nitrogen flow output from the nitrogen generator to ensure continuous and stable supply of nitrogen

PSA Nitrogen Generator Operating Procedures

First, boot steps

1. Check if the on-site power supply meets the requirements of the dryer and the nitrogen generator (watch the equipment nameplate)

2. Turn on the dryer and press the “start” button of the dryer. After the dryer starts for 5 minutes, open the compressed air intake valve (ie, the inlet valve of the dryer).

3, open the air compressor. Press the air compressor start button and the air compressor starts to work.

4. When the air tank pressure rises to 0.8MPa, adjust the gas source two-pieces to control the air source pressure in the range of 0.4-0.6MPa.

5. Start the control cabinet start button and start the nitrogen generator.

6. After the gas generator valve (valve 9#) is opened, open the nitrogen gas tank inle


1, petroleum and chemical industry, nitrogen as refrigerant, push gas, pipe replacement, purge and so on.

2, metal heat treatment, smelting, in the bright annealing, bright quenching and other heat treatment process, to provide protection for industrial furnace gas and gas, in order to prevent the oxidation of products.

3, coal mine, nitrogen injection fire prevention, can effectively prevent coal mine gas explosion, provide a powerful guarantee for the underground safety operation.

NOTE: This talbe lists data feed air to 0.8Mpa(gauge), 20℃ ambient temperature, 0 meters elevation and 80% relative humidity for design basis. When choosing the air compressor, should pay attention to the actual volume of gas production and load rate of air compressor, generally in accordance with the standard 120% to do the selection. The sample provided data for reference only, the Company reserves the right, in its sole right to change product design. Details to provide design drawings shall prevail for more information, please contact our sales department.